About our work

The joint Initiative Madrenatura e.V. is realizing projects and public actions for climate protection and preservation of biologic diversity. Further to this we are committing ourselves to these topics in doing educational work and public events. We want to reach as many people as possible by communicating knowledge and awakening emotions so they will become active themselves in terms of the goals set.

One special quality of this initiative of general benefit is the emphasized involving of music and other art forms while realizing projects. We don’t only want to convince people’s mind but also want them to have the heart’s desire to become active in preserving and supporting our appreciated nature. All this based on a very deep professional fundament, as our founders contribute a high trained professional qualification.

Anyone is invited to participate and will be welcomed and supported by our team. Simply get in touch with us. Have fun while preserving the nature. Send us a message how you want to participate. Give us your opinion and tell us how you want to join in: